My instructor Fanny is extremely focussed on my rehab, aware of my limitations  and continually provides wonderful encouragement which is much appreciated.
- Jason F

I mostly go to Ian. He is great because he males sure we are in the correct position. He is always helpful. He asks if anyone has any injuries and helps people with whatever they need help with.
- Trish T

The instructors are very focused & try new exercises it's never boring.
- Mary C

Friendly and helpful. I love that basically we work at our own level but gently encouraged to push ourselves.
- Judy H

Very knowledgeable and the small class size means instructors can give individual attention.
- Brenda M

They seem very experienced and are always attentive and professional.I'm very impressed with Fanny's leadership and instruction.
- Jill F

Great trainers - focus on personal requirements, friendly and helpful staff, equipment and clinic environment can't be faulted.
- Liz R

The instructors are great at explaining the various exercises and pushing you to get the most from the class.  All are professional, helpful and friendly.
- Sandra R

The instructors I experienced are knowledgeable and deliver their sessions in a very professional way paying attention to the needs of the individual clients. They are also enthusiastic and encouraging to support your effort.
- Monika W

I've had Fanny mostly and she is superb. Understanding, great at her job, sense of humour and know her students.
- Denise F

They change their routines to fit any concerns we might have. Are always cheerful and upbeat.
-Ruth W

They all have different strengths and approach Pilates differently.  So there is something for everyone.
-Melissa O

The staff are helpful and inviting.
I was incredibly nervous when I first started and after one appointment/session I felt comfortable.
- Eileen H

Listens to any concerns you have and takes these into consideration when taking class
- Debbie H

Fun, friendly, encouraging and professional.  Really knowledgeable too.brings joy to class which makes it fun.
- Fiona V

Very easy to follow and skilled with what exercise needs what spring and where it impacts the body.
- Tracey B

Good clear instructions, wide variety of exercises each week and will tailor a class to meet the attendees needs and injuries if necessary.
-Tina S

Luana is fantastic, she is welcoming, supportive, and pushes you, also modifies moves to accommodate your niggles.
-Fiona G

I specially enjoy Ian classes I like the individual attention he gives us with  all our health problems, I feel that he cares  about each and every one of his clients.
However all the instructors that I have had are excellent and give good classes I enjoy  on occasions being able to join other classes using the apps.
-Robin D

The instructors always put me at ease no matter how well, or not so well I can do the stretches, they always show me how to modify my stretches if I haven't quite got it right. The classes are friendly and relaxed. I work full time on a roster so it's more difficult to get to classes for my level (beginners)
-Jan B

Clear instructions
Hands on correction
Always able to
Adapt as needed
-Sally B

Ian is A. M. A. Z. I. N. G, such incredible knowledge, is able to cater exercises to whatever your body needs if bits aren't 100% on the day, and a super awesome person. His classes are my absolute fav!
-Richard H