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Corporate Classes

Corporate Pilates is the latest trend that is zooming in on Tauranga. From small business to larger corporations; all wanting to retain their staff but also improve productivity, health and wellbeing in the workplace. Not to mention the many other benefits that the individual achieves from attending the sessions each week.

If you have a fast paced environment, busy or stressful, physically demanding or maybe very sedentary in chairs all day long, Corporate Pilates is definitely worth a shot. 


There are many options that you can select from however, we have found that leaving the workplace for a period of time gets the best results. You can organise a Corporate Pilates private session weekly at the studio or you can opt to do a discounted package where your team can attend the regular classes, so they become part of the community of that facility.


If you have a facility that provides enough space for a matwork class, our Instructors can also come to you and design a class tailored to the needs of your employees. You can opt for an express lunch time class or an early morning matwork session where we will bring small props to keep the class challenging and fun for everyone.

Call us at 07 927 3330 for a chat about your circumstances and we can discuss how our programs can assist your team and you as a business owner.


Want to feel better, have more energy and even add years to your life? Just keep moving.

To help you reach your goals, we have specifically designed an intro offer to get your Pilates journey started in the best possible way.