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Reformer Pilates

50 minutes classes | 5-8 clients per class

Set entirely on the most commonly-used Pilates machine, the reformer, this class focuses on developing integrity through all movements.

The reformers’ pre-tensioned, weighted springs provide continual feedback to the body so you can focus on mastering supreme technique. The springs can be adjusted to help target either deep stabilising muscles close to joints, or the large global mobilisers that drive power. The reformer is a great way to build body awareness as there is constant proprioceptive feedback being passed between the body and the brain. 

Choose the class that's right for you

Reformer Essentials

Reformer Essentials are for those who are new to Pilates or more experienced practitioners who want to fine tune their current practice and technique. Enough of a workout to get your endorphins flowing but with an emphasis on control and precision. Suitable for those recovering from injury, senior clients and pre/post natal clients.

Reformer Progress

Reformer Progress builds on the foundations built in Essentials. You’ll move through a challenging series of exercises that incorporate functional movement patterns to strengthen, tone, firm and balance your body, improve posture and prevent injury. Not suitable for beginners to Reformer Pilates, those with injuries or during pregnancy without pre-approval by a Pilates Instructor.

Reformer Advance

Advance classes are strong and challenging workouts designed for students who want to explore their boundaries and build on the foundations developed in Essentials and Progress classes. These classes are not suitable for beginners, for those with injuries or during pregnancy.


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