Memberships payments

  1. All Memberships operate on a 7 day autopay schedule from the chosen credit card or account you provided to Mindbody (a secure system). Payment will continue for 52 weeks unless notified (see Termination Policy below).
  2. Mindbody uses EZIDEBIT to process funds - you will see this on your bank statement. You can choose the starting date of your membership. You must ensure there are sufficient funds on your credit/debit card. You are liable for any fees resulting from declined/failed payments

Cancellation policy

  1. All bookings cancelled at least 4 hours before the class starts will be recredited into your Mindbody account. You can then reschedule this session until its expiration date which is 14 days from the day of payment.

Suspension policy

  1. At least 1 week written notice to is required for membership pauses/ suspensions. This ensures that the correct measures are put in place to cease credit card payments that are scheduled for the given period. The minimum suspension period is one week. The maximum suspension period is 4 weeks per calendar year.

Termination policy

  1. Clients are able to terminate membership anytime with a minimum of 3 weeks written notice. Please email request to .
  2. In the case of long term or permanent injury or illness that prevents the use of our services, immediate membership termination will be permitted. Termination will take effect from the date we receive written confirmation from a medical doctor.
  3. Encore Pilates may terminate a membership without notice for inappropriate, offensive or illegal behaviour, as determined by us, which occurs on our premises or is directed at our staff or other members or repeated failed payments.

 Sharing policy

  1. Memberships can be shared between 2 members.